Can You Handle The Truth: Debunking The Three Biggest Myths About Charter Bus Travel

I think most people have taken a trip on a charter bus at some point in their lives. But for some reason, there continues to be these misconceptions and myths floating around about what charter bus travel is like. In my scouring of ‘The Internets’, I found that there are three myths about bus travel that people seem to really be holding on to: 1) Charter buses aren’t as safe as other modes of transportation, 2) Charter buses are expensive, and 3) Charter buses are uncomfortable. Listen, these myths are wrong. I’m about to tell you why.

1)   Myth: Isn’t it true that charter buses aren’t as safe as cars?


Truth: Charter buses are actually safer than planes, trains, and automobiles! This is due to a myriad of factors but I think the biggest reason for this is that charter bus drivers are highly trained. Like…I can’t just walk into the Preferred Motorcoach Offices and say, “Hey Steve! I want to be one of your drivers!” and he actually hand me some keys. Negative, ghostwriter. These drivers have years of experience and training so they can keep everyone on board safe.

2)   Myth: Charter buses are ‘spensive!


Truth: That ain’t true. When you think about it, how often do you see church groups, school groups, sports teams (both professionals and others), musicians, presidential candidates, and many others travel by charter bus? All. The. Time. That’s because the over all cost is cheaper than trying to get everyone plane or train tickets. Everybody can ride together to their destination and arrive at the same time. If you’ve ever had to deal with a caravan of 134,795,837,485 people packed into 5 cars all trying to get to the same place at the same time, you know…

3)   Myth: Charter buses aren’t comfy!


Truth: LIES! Let me tell you something. My mom has traveled a lot. Both domestic and abroad. If you asked her what one of her favorite trips was, she will tell you it was one of the trips she took with a church group on a charter bus. A lot of this probably has to do with the comfy-ness (yes, I just made that word up) she experienced on that trip. As opposed to a plane or car, you have a lot more room to move around on a charter bus. Your group can bring snacks, drinks, actual pillows (not those baby travel pillows that just tick you off), games, movies and lots of other entertainment that you might not be able to take if you traveled another way. There aren’t nearly as many restrictions on luggage!

So, did I debunk any of the myths you thought were true about charter bus trips? Let me know in the comments!


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Epic Road Trip Mad Libs!

Last week, I had some down time and was playing around on the Internet when I ran across a ‘Road Trip Mad Lib‘. I LOVE mad libs. I think have a couple of Mad Lib books of my own and love seeing what kind of stories come from them.


In case you’re not familiar, this is how a mad lib works.

You have a short story, usually about as long as a paragraph. Your story can come from a book, the Internet, or you can write your own. Through out, there are words omitted and replaced blanks and each blank is labeled as a part of speech like noun, location or verb. The blanks are filled in without knowing the context of the story. Once that’s done, the story is read aloud. Typically and when done right, your story will be completely and utterly ridiculous. That’s the point. Just let that inner child out and laugh at the tomfoolery you come up with! It’s the most fun with other people, and is played a lot at parties or gatherings but you can definitely enjoy mad libs by yourself too. Mad libs happen to be great for trips because they’re really fun and get everyone involved.

So anyway I’m sitting there and I get this amazing idea: I’m going to get some of my friends involved in this! The results were golden. GOLDEN!! I reached out to my mom, sister, and two friends, combined their responses, and ended up three of the most nonsensical, ridiculous, and hilarious mad lib and I just knew I had to share!

Here is the original blank story:


And this is what my friends and their ideas did to that story (click on each picture to get a better look):




Since I’m a child trapped in an adult’s body, I couldn’t stop laughing! So, give it a try!! Don’t think too deep into it. This works best when you use the first word that comes to your mind. Leave a comment and let me know how it goes! Ready… Set… Go!


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