Can You Handle The Truth: Debunking The Three Biggest Myths About Charter Bus Travel

Hey y’all!

Well, the end of the years is finally here! I have had so much fun during my first year here at Preferred Motorcoach Transportation and I can’t wait for the fun next year will bring! I decided that for my last post of the year, I will revisit one of my favorite pieces from the blog this year. So with out further ado, here it is! Everyone have a safe holiday and a prosperous New Year!

Drum roll please…

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I think most people have taken a trip on a charter bus at some point in their lives. But for some reason, there continues to be these misconceptions and myths floating around about what charter bus travel is like. In my scouring of ‘The Internets’, I found that there are three myths about bus travel that people seem to really be holding on to: 1) Charter buses aren’t as safe as other modes of transportation, 2) Charter buses are expensive, and 3) Charter buses are uncomfortable. Listen, these myths are wrong. I’m about to tell you why.

1)   Myth: Isn’t it true that charter buses aren’t as safe as cars?


Truth: Charter buses are actually safer than planes, trains, and automobiles! This is due to a myriad of factors but I think the biggest reason for this is that charter bus drivers are highly trained. Like…I can’t just…

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Holiday Road Trip Jams

There are two types of people in this world:

1) “OMGGGGG! YESSSS! Give me all the Christmas music!” or…

2) “No.”

From my very scientific observations, there isn’t really any in-between. I fall squarely in the first category. I LOOOOOVE Christmas music. Like, a lot. I have Christmas playlists (yes, plural) on my phone and computer and I am not above playing any of them in, say, July. I don’t even care. So when you’re heading out on your holiday travel, you need some feel good holiday tunes to groove to and we here at Preferred Motorcoach Transportation can help with this.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – *NSYNC

This song just gives me all the feels! I love it!

Winter Wonderland – Babyface

I tend to hate remixes of classic Christmas songs. I usually do way too much and I’m just not here for it. But every now and then, they do it right and this is one of those times!

Christmas Time Is Here – Vince Guaraldi Trio

It isn’t Christmas for me until I hear this song – and watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. I also have the instrumental version of this song because I’m obsessed.

Last Christmas – Wham!

So, I never saw this video until I was writing this post and I am in tears of laughter at all of this 80’s realness! This is one of my favorite Christmas songs and has been covered a lot, but no one does it quite like the originals!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – Jackson 5

Funny story. I just, like in the last five years, fully understood this song. Don’t judge me.

Do You Hear What I Hear? – Whitney Houston

She is ‘The Voice’ and this is my favorite version of this Christmas classic. It’s so festive!

This Christmas – Chris Brown

Remember what I said about classic Christmas song remakes? This is one of the few exceptions also. Chris Brown has the perfect voice for Christmas music and i absolutely LOVE his version of this song.

Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano

*dances like a crazy person while I pretend to play the trumpet*

Let It Snow – Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men are on my ‘exceptions’ list as well. This is my favorite version of ‘Let It Snow’ and sounds absolutely nothing like the original. It makes me want to travel back to the 90s and go to a banging Christmas house party!

Fa La La – Justin Bieber ft. Boyz II Men

In addition to remakes and covers of Christmas classics, I also usually hate when current popular artists try to make new Christmas songs. I’m not here for that either. (I avoid that Destiny’s Child Christmas album like the plague). Justin Bieber is one of my exceptions to that. He also has a perfect voice for Christmas songs and when he teamed up with Boyz II Men for this jam, I instantly added it to my Christmas music collection. Say what you want about him, he can sang.

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

Because obviously.

So, what are some of your favorite holiday jams? Let me know in the comments!