Epic Road Trip Mad Libs!

Last week, I had some down time and was playing around on the Internet when I ran across a ‘Road Trip Mad Lib‘. I LOVE mad libs. I think have a couple of Mad Lib books of my own and love seeing what kind of stories come from them.


In case you’re not familiar, this is how a mad lib works.

You have a short story, usually about as long as a paragraph. Your story can come from a book, the Internet, or you can write your own. Through out, there are words omitted and replaced blanks and each blank is labeled as a part of speech like noun, location or verb. The blanks are filled in without knowing the context of the story. Once that’s done, the story is read aloud. Typically and when done right, your story will be completely and utterly ridiculous. That’s the point. Just let that inner child out and laugh at the tomfoolery you come up with! It’s the most fun with other people, and is played a lot at parties or gatherings but you can definitely enjoy mad libs by yourself too. Mad libs happen to be great for trips because they’re really fun and get everyone involved.

So anyway I’m sitting there and I get this amazing idea: I’m going to get some of my friends involved in this! The results were golden. GOLDEN!! I reached out to my mom, sister, and two friends, combined their responses, and ended up three of the most nonsensical, ridiculous, and hilarious mad lib and I just knew I had to share!

Here is the original blank story:


And this is what my friends and their ideas did to that story (click on each picture to get a better look):




Since I’m a child trapped in an adult’s body, I couldn’t stop laughing! So, give it a try!! Don’t think too deep into it. This works best when you use the first word that comes to your mind. Leave a comment and let me know how it goes! Ready… Set… Go!


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Road Games for Roadtrips

I am probably one of the most impatient people I know. While I’m not that obnoxious about it, I hate waiting. When I’m to arrive somewhere, I usually arrive as close to right on time as possible so that I won’t have to wait long. As you can probably imagine, this lack of patience is really fun when it’s time for me to travel somewhere. For instance, before I get on the road, I will make a playlist that is timed perfectly to the length of my trip. In my head, this will make me feel like the time is passing quickly because I’m so into what is coming through my headphones. The reality is that I also have a short attention span so I tire of the music rather quickly as well. I’ve learned that for people like me (children or adults with a child-size attention span), games really come in handy. I mean, excuse the cliché, but time really does fly when you’re having fun. Here are some fun games to play to pass the time on that trip that feels like you’ll never get to your destination.

The Wikipedia Game

This game requires the players to have a cell phone or tablet with Internet. I’ve played this before with my sister and mom at home from actual computers but it works perfectly for the car or bus as well. As you may know Wikipedia pages are filled with links to other pages. The person not playing (the driver or another designated person) chooses two unrelated people or things that have Wikipedia pages. Pick one to start on (everyone starts on the same page) and the object is to end up on the other Wikipedia page only using the links in the pages you end up on. You can’t go ‘BACK’ in the browser. The first person to make it to the other designated page wins.

20 Questions?

This game has been around for a long time and for good reason. It’s fun, duh. This is especially good for groups on chartered bus trips as it’s easy to get everyone involved. One player picks a random person, place or thing. Some variations do animal, vegetable, or mineral. Archaic, I know. Anyway, the other players have the opportunity to ask 20 yes or no questions (Does it make people dance?) to figure out what the item is.

The Picnic Game

I’ve played this game lots of times. It never gets old and works with either small groups or larger ones. One player starts and says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” and chooses something (preferably a food item, as this is a picnic) that starts with the letter A. The next person chooses a food that begins with the letter B and so on. If you use the wrong letter or take too long to pick something you’re out. To make it a bit harder, there’s another variation where before a player says what they’re bringing to the picnic, they must also state what everyone else is bringing as well. For people like me with not so great memories, that version is not fun.

What’s Happening In That Car?

This is one of the best games to play on a trip. The things people come up with are awesome. Basically, you pick a car that you’re passing on the highway. Then everyone works together to decide the story of the people in the car. Are they on the run from the cops? Are they super spies? It can be anything. Usually, the more outrageous the story, the funnier it ends up being. This is a game that I thought I made up once on a trip from Dallas to Austin because I’m super creative and had a lot of time on my hands. Turns out people play this all the time. Whatever.

What are some games you play on the road? Let us know!