10 Incredible Pictures of the Flooding in Texas And How You Can Help

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If you don’t live in Texas you’ve probably heard by now that we are experiencing an insane amount of rainfall. For instance in Dallas, it has rained nearly everyday this month. Like I said. Insane. Originally, Texas was in the midst of an intense drought so the rain was welcomed with open arms. But it has gotten old fast, pummeling the state with so much widespread rain that we seem to be under a constant flash flood warning. People have lost their homes and possessions, gone missing, and even passed away. Take a look at some of the incredible photos captured of the Texas flooding.

Houston, Texas

San Marcos, Texas

Grand Prairie, Texas

Austin, Texas

Kyle, Texas

Ft. Worth, Texas

Wimberley, Texas

Wimberley, Texas

Houston, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Did you experience any crazy flooding! Let me know in the comments! And if you’d like to help the Texans impacted by the flooding, or if you’ve been impacted yourself, please visit the following links:

Samaritan’s Purse International Relief

American Red Cross

Salvation Army

Be safe y’all!

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Don’t leave here without trying… Episode 1: Houston, Texas

Hello good people! It looks like winter finally got the memo that she TOTALLY over stayed her doggone welcome so it’s definitely time to start planning those spring trips. As you probably all know, one of the best things about traveling is…FOOD! Whenever I go on vacation, one of the highlights for me is finding great restaurants to try. Now I tend to be a bit of a picky eater (understatement of the year), but that’s neither here nor there. I still enjoy great food. Recently, someone suggested a great idea to me. Periodically, I am going to pick a city in our great United States, poll my friends who have lived or traveled there, and compile my finds into a list of places that you shouldn’t leave said city without trying. It’s all very scientific. As always, because Preferred Motor Coach is so great, they can take you and your friends to any city!


First up… Houston, Texas!


The Breakfast Klub


Average price: $10-$30

This place is truly DE. LISH. I would recommend getting here early or going on a week day. On weekends and holidays, you will likely have to stand in line to get in, but the earlier you get there, the less time you spend waiting. They open at 7am on weekdays, 8am on weekends and they close at 2pm everyday. I am partial to their chicken and waffles (SO. GOOD.) but just about everything else on their menu comes highly recommended. The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly. Don’t forget to check out the awesome artwork that is hanging up, too!

Recommended: Chicken wings and waffle, catfish and grits, pork chops, French toast.





Backstreet Café


Average price: $20-$30

My friend Kyndal is a food connoisseur. She even has a food blog (one post happens to feature my mom’s taco soup). Long story short: when she speaks (especially about food), I listen. According to Kyndal, brunch is a must try. They have flavored mimosas that feature a different flavor daily and also a gluten-free menu for all the gluten-free peeps out there! The atmosphere is more upscale, so dress like you have some sense.

Recommended: Crab cake & eggs, lamb meatballs, gingerbread waffle, pecan-crusted chicken.





Gatlin’s Barbecue


Average price: $10-$15

Of course barbecue was going to be included here. Because TEXAS. I asked Kyndal what was good here and she said, “basically everything…” but the ribs are “especially good.” From what I can see, she’s probably right! Gatlin’s is laid back and very small, but they do offer patio seating, which is always nice! Be mindful that it can get crowded here, usually with a line outside. But stick it out…it is worth the wait!

Recommended: Ribs, brisket, dirty rice, baked beans, potato salad.





There you have it. So get your voyage to Houston planned, and put these places on your ‘must eat’ list! Also, I’m hungry now.



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