Tips For Finding The Perfect Travel Buddy

I’m a textbook introvert. I enjoy my time alone and traveling is no exception. I love me some solo travel. But sometimes your travel experience can be enhanced and enriched when you bring a travel buddy along for the journey. There’s just something about having company, ya know? You have someone there to pass the time with, laugh at funny stuff, and people watch with. And let’s face it; people watching is ALWAYS more fun with a buddy! But before you choose your travel companion and hop on Preferred Motorcoach Transportation, there are a few things you should consider. I mean, just because you like someone doesn’t mean you should travel with them. #Amirite!? I am! And that’s a lesson I learned the hard way!

If you’re thinking of traveling with someone, and you’ve never traveled with them before, you might want to spend time with them first. Think of it like a pre-interview. Believe it or not, you don’t really know a person until you see their bedtime habits! I recommend a weekend together, so you really get a taste of their habits and quirks and they get a taste of yours. Find out if they snore, if they have insane rituals at night, if they sleep with their eyes open, all kinds of things! I had a roommate (I actually lived with her) who I loved dearly. She and I would hang out all the time and everything. Well, we decided we would go on a road trip together and let’s just say, it wasn’t a good trip. When we were at our apartment, I could go to my space and she could go to hers. But when we were in a hotel room with no escape from each other, that was a different story. Taking the time before to see her in her nighttime habitat might have saved me some very awkward conversations after that trip. I would have learned that that particular homegirl just wouldn’t cut it as a travel buddy. Also, I would’ve gotten some decent sleep at night.

Another thing to keep in mind, and probably the most obvious, is that you should choose someone you actually like talking to. Picture it: you and your companion are on a cross country road trip from one coast to the other. Now imagine the sound of that person’s voice grates your nerves like sandpaper on wood. Doesn’t sound like fun anymore, does it? And kind of hand in hand with this, make sure that you and your buddy don’t have any unresolved issues or beef. Because that’s just super awkward and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Lastly I suggest you make sure you and your companion have similar tastes. Similar tastes in people, entertainment, how money is spent, etc. Again, this may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised! Not that they have to be your carbon copy (because that would be weird) but you should be like minded. For instance you might want to have a similar stance on interacting with unsavory strangers, or whether it’s better in be bed by 10pm or 10am, or if they value flexibility or prefer to go with the flow. Or whether we stop at a gas station for the bathroom or just pull over on the side of the road, a situation I was put in in real life because I didn’t travel with a like minded person. Never. Again.

So guys, any travel companions you wish you’d vetted first? Let me know in the comments!


2015 Spring Roadtrip Playlist

Spring has officially sprung! And let me tell you, spring break is officially in full swing! This is a perfect time of year to hop in the car or charter a Preferred Motorcoach to whisk you away to your spring getaway. Spring had near perfect weather because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. It happens to be one of my favorite seasons! As always, you will definitely need the perfect music to be the soundtrack of your Springtime travels. For me, the perfect Spring road trip playlist will make me want to dance in my seat, sing along with my girlfrans, and just have a great time. Here are some tunes to get you started!

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (Fergie)

7/11 (Beyonce)

Boom Clap (Charli XCX)

Walking On A Dream (Empire of the Sun)

Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars)

Jealous (Nick Jonas)

Radioactive (Imagine Dragons ft. Kendrick Lamar)

California Gurls (Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg)

All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor)

Valerie (Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse)

What are some songs you love to have on your spring road trip playlist? Let me know in the comments!
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Thoughts You Have When You Roadtrip With Your Best Friend

Thoughts You Have When You Roadtrip With Your Best Friend

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking a quick overnight road trip with one of my best friends. She is one of those friends who you’ve known for so long that she’s pretty much like a sister now. And when you travel with your bestie, these thoughts are bound to happen.

“Yay! This is going to be epic!” (Because you love your friend and you guys always have fun!)

“We’re going to have so much fun!”

“What in the world are we listening to?” (I never have this issue when it’s just me.)

“You need to stop again?!” (Because we’ve already stopped once but they won’t stop drinking things.)

“Isn’t it your turn to drive?” (Because you hate driving so you you don’t until someone realizes your turn was two hours ago.)

“I don’t want to be in charge of the radio anymore. Too much pressure.” (Because everyone has an opinion.)

“I don’t want to be in charge of Google maps anymore. Too much pressure.” (So it’s my fault we got lost?!)

“Are we there yet?” (I mean…seriously.)

“Yay! We made it!” (LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

“That was so much fun! Let’s do it again soon.” (Because regardless of how much we get on each other’s nerves, we still love each other.)

Tips To Stay Comfy On The Road

As we saw a couple of weeks ago, people can be very particular about their snacks. But if you want to stay comfortable, the truth is the healthier your snacks, the better. Veggies, fruit, nuts, and things like that will make you and your tummy feel a lot better during a long trip than sugary drinks and chips. But if you must have some junk food, I feel you. Just eat sparingly.



Whether you’re in a car or Preferred Motorcoach Transportation is chauffeuring you (wink, wink), remember to take advantage of those rest stops. These are opportunities for you to get up, walk and stand outside, go to the bathroom, and get some fresh air. This helps you keep all the circulation and what not circulating and you’ll just be in a better mood. I know this from experience.

God Bless Buc-ee’s. Because Texas.


One thing I’ve noticed on road trips is how trash seems to stockpile itself in the absolute worse way. It ends up taking some of your elbowroom, legroom, all the room! Well a way to remedy this is to keep a trash bag handy. Just throw all that mess in the bag. That way it isn’t infringing on your personal space PLUS it’s easier to throw all the trash away when you stop for a break.

Or make a contraption like this! Fancy!


Your clothing options have everything to do with how comfortable you will be on a road trip. You’ll be sitting for a while, so you want to make sure that you’re wearing clothing that is loose and breathable. I love sweat or yoga pants for long haul trips. I almost never travel in jeans because denim is not the most giving material especially when you’ll be sitting for such a long period of time.

Don’t forget your jacket!


The kind of shoes you wear can also factor into your comfort. Easy to put on shoes like flip-flops or Toms are my go-to, plus it doesn’t take me a million years to put them on when we stop. Also, I always have socks. They just make me feel better. Is that weird? Never mind. Forget I asked.


If you’re going to be on a car or bus for a long time, you need to keep yourself entertained. There’s a list of games on here that can get you started. But there lots of things you can do to pass the time or just make it more interesting like…

Send yourself a postcard from each rest stop (you’d have to keep a few stamps handy)…

Or License plate bingo!


What do you do to keep comfy on the road? Let me know in the comments!


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It’s Time To Talk About…Snacks!

Whenever I’m about to depart on a trip, be that by car or bus, I must have two things: music and snacks. That’s got to be pretty universal, right? I mean, who doesn’t like snacks? Exactly. So I asked a bunch of people that I know conducted a very scientific survey and asked people what snacks they absolutely had to have when they traveled.

The consensus seemed to be that the snack had to be easily consumed in a moving vehicle. Because duh. It was really interesting to see how much we all have in common when it comes to our road trip snacks. Food is a great equalizer.

If you’re going to go the healthy(er) route:


Trail Mix

Sunflower Seeds

Chex Mix




If you’re just looking for a good (snack) time:


Sour candy (apparently, it helps keep you awake. I heard this from several people. Who knew!?)

Twizzlers (also heard from multiple people…)


String Cheese (I don’t like cheese but, I guess…)



The best thing that happened when I posed this question were the super specific snack stipulations some of my friends have:

“McDonald’s french fries…”

“…those really small ready made sandwiches you can find at the store (for when the hunger struggle gets real)”

“…an energy drink and a Whataburger chicken biscuit…”

“Chester’s hot fries (specifically) or hot pork skins, big peach soda, gummi savers, whole dill pickle (kool aid pickle if possible), sour cream and onion Pringles, and a large bottle of water.” <— This was my favorite one.

Happy Snacking!



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Summer Summer Summer Time: Summer Road Trip Playlist!

Well… Summer is upon us!! I am not a fan of heat, but I love the summertime vibe. Summer is chill and laid back and the perfect time for summer road trips! Of course that means a new playlist. Because you can’t have just one. My music taste is so eclectic, so the songs on my list come from all different genres, but the vibes are all the same; SUMMER FUN. Music will definitely help pass the time on the long trips so if you’re heading out on the road this summer and need some ideas for car tunes, here are some of my favorite summer road trip songs!



Rihanna ft. Jay Z

I try to not be a Rihanna fan. I really do. But that girl just keeps putting out music that I really love! And Umbrella just makes me want to dance!




Bruno Mars




American Boy

Estelle ft. Kanye West

I really like this song. It just has…vibes. So much vibes.





Yes this song has been all over the place. OH WELL. I love it still! And in moderation, it really is perfect for being on the road.



Love Never Felt So Good

Michael Jackson ft. Justin Timberlake

One of the new previously unreleased MJ songs, this was my favorite on the album! Just like Umbrella, this song just makes me want to dance! And I do not dance well. But that’s ok!



Viva La Vida


During a trip from Dallas to Austin once, I played this on repeat for a good 30 minutes. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the unofficial 5th member of Coldplay. It’s a very infectious song so I have a feeling it will have the same effect on most of you. So, sing to your heart’s content. You won’t be able to help yourself.



Get Up

Mary Mary

Such a motivational song! This song will certainly get everyone up and at ’em. Especially when you were supposed to have left 30 minutes ago but someone is holding everyone up…



End Of Time


This is fist pumping greatness. Queen Bey never rarely disappoints me. (Don’t tell The Beygency…)




Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse

Amy’s soulful voice is PERFECT for a summer playlist. And this song is so much fun to sing-a-long with also!



Get Lucky

Daft Punk

Those French robots struck gold with this one. I’ve never gotten tired of it! #vibes



And last but not least…



DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

This is THE official song of all summers from 1991 until the end of time. This is not up for debate. Bye.



So there you have it. What are some of your favorite summer tunes? Let me know in the comments!



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Epic Road Trip Mad Libs!

Last week, I had some down time and was playing around on the Internet when I ran across a ‘Road Trip Mad Lib‘. I LOVE mad libs. I think have a couple of Mad Lib books of my own and love seeing what kind of stories come from them.


In case you’re not familiar, this is how a mad lib works.

You have a short story, usually about as long as a paragraph. Your story can come from a book, the Internet, or you can write your own. Through out, there are words omitted and replaced blanks and each blank is labeled as a part of speech like noun, location or verb. The blanks are filled in without knowing the context of the story. Once that’s done, the story is read aloud. Typically and when done right, your story will be completely and utterly ridiculous. That’s the point. Just let that inner child out and laugh at the tomfoolery you come up with! It’s the most fun with other people, and is played a lot at parties or gatherings but you can definitely enjoy mad libs by yourself too. Mad libs happen to be great for trips because they’re really fun and get everyone involved.

So anyway I’m sitting there and I get this amazing idea: I’m going to get some of my friends involved in this! The results were golden. GOLDEN!! I reached out to my mom, sister, and two friends, combined their responses, and ended up three of the most nonsensical, ridiculous, and hilarious mad lib and I just knew I had to share!

Here is the original blank story:


And this is what my friends and their ideas did to that story (click on each picture to get a better look):




Since I’m a child trapped in an adult’s body, I couldn’t stop laughing! So, give it a try!! Don’t think too deep into it. This works best when you use the first word that comes to your mind. Leave a comment and let me know how it goes! Ready… Set… Go!


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