My Texas Bucket List

Spending time away from Texas shown me that I really love Texas. I think growing up in Texas caused me to take my wonderful state for granted a little bit. But I know better now, and I realize that Texas has so many things to offer and see. A lot of times I’ll be doing research for this blog and stumble upon some Texas attraction I had no idea about and jot it down. Well, I’ve developed quite the little bucket list. I thought I would share!


Look. I don’t really do heights. I’m not totally opposed, but I’m the kind of person who has to drink psych myself out before I get on a roller coaster or something. I used to be a lot braver when I came to things like this, but I guess as I’ve gotten older, I’ve also gotten more chicken – don’t judge me. But as a Texan, I feel like I should ride the Texas Star at least once. One of the most iconic fixtures at the Texas State Fair, the Texas Star Ferris Wheel is the tallest in the Western Hemisphere – a fact that I will try not to think about when I’m stopped at the top.


I am an artsy girl. I love all of that. Take me to any museum and I’m in heaven. So when I found out about this art installation, I knew I had to se it at some point. Despite the name, Prada Marfa isn’t actually located in Marfa. It’s located in Valentine, and practically in the middle of nowhere. It is basically a Prada store that you can’t go in. It doesn’t do anything but I don’t care. I want to see it anyway.


I also love the paranormal so the Marfa lights are right up my alley – interesting seeing that I actually scare pretty easily. Visible from a platform erected by the city of Marfa, spheres of light appear to be floating above ground with no explanation (!!) like little light ghosts. The lights have bee attributed to vehicle lights in the distance, but I prefer the other explanation – none.


Vibrantly colored interiors are the hallmark of these famous Texas church houses. Built by Germans and Czech settlers in the area between Houston and San Antonio (mostly), these “painted churches” are now protected historical landmarks. There are more than 20 and there is a popular tour to see them all. I plan to be on it one day.


There is, arguably, no beer more ‘Texas’ than Shiner. Named for the town where the brewery is located, Shiner is Texas. So imagine my joy when I found out that the brewery offers FREE tours and FREE beer? Sign me up!


Similar to Prada Marfa, Cadillac Ranch is an art installation in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Amarillo. The piece was made with old Cadillac models in the 1970s. The cars were placed nose down in the ground with their original exteriors but and as time went on, they became covered with graffiti. And apparently, visitors are encouraged to add more art to the cars which is great because I really didn’t want to end up with a vandalism ticket.


A rodeo is not typically my thing. I’ve just never been interested. I really couldn’t even tell you what goes on at the rodeo, what you do at the rodeo, or what to wear to the rodeo. Basically, I know absolutely nothing about the rodeo. But I feel, as a Texan, I need to go at least once. So at some point I’ll visit the one in Houston (I hear there’s food).

What are some things you think every Texan should experience in our great state? Let me know in the comments!


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The Red River Rivalry and the BEST State Fair Ever

It’s officially Fall, y’all!

We took a little break for the end of summer but fall is here and we are back in action. This happens to be my absolute favorite season. The colors, the cool weather, the clothes, all of it! Not to mention the national holiday that is my birthday is in fall (I’ll tell you where to send gifts closer to time.) But anyway, one of the best parts of Texas in the fall is the arrival of the State Fair of Texas. It is held at Fair Park in Dallas (my hometown!) and has the distinct honor of being the country’s biggest state fair. Because everything’s bigger in Texas, obvs. Our fair happens to be the absolute best state fair in this country. That is not debatable. Our fair has…

The unhealthiest best food.

We will fry anything. We have no shame.

The creepiest best mascot.

He talks, waves, and looks at you. Which is not creepy at all…

Plus, Oprah dedicated a whole show to the Texas State Fair so that pretty much squashes any arguments.

Here is Oprah doing Oprah things at the Texas State Fair.

One of the most anticipated events of the State Fair of Texas is the Red River Showdown. The Red River Showdown is the big college football game that takes place between University of Texas, located in Austin and University of Oklahoma, located in Norman. The Texas/OU rivalry is one of the biggest college football rivalries ever and Texas/OU weekend at the Fair is a pretty big deal. For several days, floods of burnt orange and crimson descend on the city of Dallas and let me tell you, they really get into it. My sister is a graduate of Texas and by default she has very strong feelings about OU. It’s really an incredible time to be in Dallas!

Sides are CLEARLY drawn. This is not a game.

The famous game has been played since 1900 and has undergone a few name changes over the years. When I moved to Texas, it was called ‘The Red River Shootout’. It was then changed to ‘Red River Showdown’. Now, we apparently call it ‘Red River Rivalry’. Whatever name you call it—it’s still the Red River Shootout to me; I don’t care what ‘they’ say—the atmosphere is still the same. It’s fun, loud, and vibrant! I mean, this is one of the most fun times to be in Dallas! Even the local businesses get involved, displaying flags and signs and what not. My favorite thing is the ball on top of Reunion Tower. Leading up to the game, the ball will light up half crimson and half burnt orange. When one team wins (OU has won three of the last four games), the ball will light up fully for that team. It’s pretty cool to see in person.


If you haven’t experienced the State Fair, Texas/OU weekend is a great time to go! Your ticket to the game includes admission to the fair. This year, the game will take place on Saturday, October 6th. So make your way on down. You know you want to!



Is anyone heading to the game this year? Let me know in the comments! Preferred Motorcoach can get you there!