Tips To Stay Comfy On The Road

As we saw a couple of weeks ago, people can be very particular about their snacks. But if you want to stay comfortable, the truth is the healthier your snacks, the better. Veggies, fruit, nuts, and things like that will make you and your tummy feel a lot better during a long trip than sugary drinks and chips. But if you must have some junk food, I feel you. Just eat sparingly.



Whether you’re in a car or Preferred Motorcoach Transportation is chauffeuring you (wink, wink), remember to take advantage of those rest stops. These are opportunities for you to get up, walk and stand outside, go to the bathroom, and get some fresh air. This helps you keep all the circulation and what not circulating and you’ll just be in a better mood. I know this from experience.

God Bless Buc-ee’s. Because Texas.


One thing I’ve noticed on road trips is how trash seems to stockpile itself in the absolute worse way. It ends up taking some of your elbowroom, legroom, all the room! Well a way to remedy this is to keep a trash bag handy. Just throw all that mess in the bag. That way it isn’t infringing on your personal space PLUS it’s easier to throw all the trash away when you stop for a break.

Or make a contraption like this! Fancy!


Your clothing options have everything to do with how comfortable you will be on a road trip. You’ll be sitting for a while, so you want to make sure that you’re wearing clothing that is loose and breathable. I love sweat or yoga pants for long haul trips. I almost never travel in jeans because denim is not the most giving material especially when you’ll be sitting for such a long period of time.

Don’t forget your jacket!


The kind of shoes you wear can also factor into your comfort. Easy to put on shoes like flip-flops or Toms are my go-to, plus it doesn’t take me a million years to put them on when we stop. Also, I always have socks. They just make me feel better. Is that weird? Never mind. Forget I asked.


If you’re going to be on a car or bus for a long time, you need to keep yourself entertained. There’s a list of games on here that can get you started. But there lots of things you can do to pass the time or just make it more interesting like…

Send yourself a postcard from each rest stop (you’d have to keep a few stamps handy)…

Or License plate bingo!


What do you do to keep comfy on the road? Let me know in the comments!


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It’s Time To Talk About…Snacks!

Whenever I’m about to depart on a trip, be that by car or bus, I must have two things: music and snacks. That’s got to be pretty universal, right? I mean, who doesn’t like snacks? Exactly. So I asked a bunch of people that I know conducted a very scientific survey and asked people what snacks they absolutely had to have when they traveled.

The consensus seemed to be that the snack had to be easily consumed in a moving vehicle. Because duh. It was really interesting to see how much we all have in common when it comes to our road trip snacks. Food is a great equalizer.

If you’re going to go the healthy(er) route:


Trail Mix

Sunflower Seeds

Chex Mix




If you’re just looking for a good (snack) time:


Sour candy (apparently, it helps keep you awake. I heard this from several people. Who knew!?)

Twizzlers (also heard from multiple people…)


String Cheese (I don’t like cheese but, I guess…)



The best thing that happened when I posed this question were the super specific snack stipulations some of my friends have:

“McDonald’s french fries…”

“…those really small ready made sandwiches you can find at the store (for when the hunger struggle gets real)”

“…an energy drink and a Whataburger chicken biscuit…”

“Chester’s hot fries (specifically) or hot pork skins, big peach soda, gummi savers, whole dill pickle (kool aid pickle if possible), sour cream and onion Pringles, and a large bottle of water.” <— This was my favorite one.

Happy Snacking!



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The Family That Vacays Together: Destinations Sure to Please Everyone

When you decide to take a family vacation, there are a lot of things you must take under consideration. Will the kids actually have fun? Will the grown folks be miserable and bored out of their minds? And what if the kiddos are different ages; will everyone be satisfied? Lots ‘o things to think about, eh? Here’s the thing: choosing a destination for a family trip isn’t always so easy. So I figured I’d give you a little inspiration.  You’re welcome.


Vail, Colorado
Home of popular the popular Vail Ski Resort in Vail Village, Vail is a perfect destination for a winter themed family getaway. Designed to make you feel like you’re smack dab int eh middle of the Swiss Alps, there are plenty of things to do here that everyone in the fam can enjoy. There are plenty of restaurants, shops and entertainment and if you’re not feeling like skiing, there’s also snow shoeing, tubing and other activities to partake in off the slopes.



Anaheim and Los Angeles, California
Contrary to popular belief, Disneyland (the Most Magical Place on EARTH) is not located in Los Angeles, but actually about 25 miles south of LA in the resort city of Anaheim. The close proximity of the cities (they’re both a part of the same Metro area) make them a perfect ‘kill two birds with one stone’ situation. Hit up LA and see the all the Hollywood landmarks or Universal Studios, and take a few days to check out the fun Anaheim has to offer like Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney (my favorite part). Everyone will have a BLAST. Seriously.



Washington, DC
I am a self proclaimed nerd. I have always loved museums and historical sites. But I think even kids who aren’t as into the museum life as I was (and still am) would have so much fun in the nation’s capitol. There are the obvious tourist stops like the National Mall to see the monuments, duh. But my favorites are the museums like The National Children’s Museum and any of the really cool things housed in the Smithsonian museums. I mean, where else can you see the flag that inspired our national anthem, Prince’s yellow cloud guitar and the Muppets (!!) all in one place?!



Las Vegas, Nevada
Hold up! Hear me out. While many of the resorts in Vegas have programs and activities to occupy the kids while the parents…play, my opinion is the best place in Vegas for kids is Circus Circus Hotel. I’ve been and let me just say: SO. MUCH. FUN! There is a literal theme park called Adventuredome inside the hotel, not to mention a pool and aracade! Vegas also has numerous shows the kids will enjoy and lots of fun on Fremont Street in Downtown.



Big Bend (and surrounding areas), Texas
Located in the desert of West Texas, Big Bend is a perfect spot to take the family if you’re looking to unplug and truly retreat. Home to Big Bend National Park, there are plenty of activities to get in touch with nature and get your outdoors on like rafting, swimming, fishing, and horseback riding. There are also plenty of lodging options in case you want to really rough it and pitch your own tent or whatever, or just come to a hotel room at night. It’s up to you, though the park itself is pretty remote so you will have to have a car. A perk: at night, the skies get super dark (something that doesn’t happen in the city), so this it like a star gazers Mecca!



So what do you think guys? Ready to get the family together? Let me know in the comments!


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Summer Summer Summer Time: Summer Road Trip Playlist!

Well… Summer is upon us!! I am not a fan of heat, but I love the summertime vibe. Summer is chill and laid back and the perfect time for summer road trips! Of course that means a new playlist. Because you can’t have just one. My music taste is so eclectic, so the songs on my list come from all different genres, but the vibes are all the same; SUMMER FUN. Music will definitely help pass the time on the long trips so if you’re heading out on the road this summer and need some ideas for car tunes, here are some of my favorite summer road trip songs!



Rihanna ft. Jay Z

I try to not be a Rihanna fan. I really do. But that girl just keeps putting out music that I really love! And Umbrella just makes me want to dance!




Bruno Mars




American Boy

Estelle ft. Kanye West

I really like this song. It just has…vibes. So much vibes.





Yes this song has been all over the place. OH WELL. I love it still! And in moderation, it really is perfect for being on the road.



Love Never Felt So Good

Michael Jackson ft. Justin Timberlake

One of the new previously unreleased MJ songs, this was my favorite on the album! Just like Umbrella, this song just makes me want to dance! And I do not dance well. But that’s ok!



Viva La Vida


During a trip from Dallas to Austin once, I played this on repeat for a good 30 minutes. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the unofficial 5th member of Coldplay. It’s a very infectious song so I have a feeling it will have the same effect on most of you. So, sing to your heart’s content. You won’t be able to help yourself.



Get Up

Mary Mary

Such a motivational song! This song will certainly get everyone up and at ’em. Especially when you were supposed to have left 30 minutes ago but someone is holding everyone up…



End Of Time


This is fist pumping greatness. Queen Bey never rarely disappoints me. (Don’t tell The Beygency…)




Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse

Amy’s soulful voice is PERFECT for a summer playlist. And this song is so much fun to sing-a-long with also!



Get Lucky

Daft Punk

Those French robots struck gold with this one. I’ve never gotten tired of it! #vibes



And last but not least…



DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

This is THE official song of all summers from 1991 until the end of time. This is not up for debate. Bye.



So there you have it. What are some of your favorite summer tunes? Let me know in the comments!



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For The Love Of Money: 11 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

“Save some money? Nah, I’m good”, said no one ever. Vacations are fun. It’s your chance to see places and things that you’ve never seen before and have experiences you’ve never had before. But you still want to get the most bang for your buck, right? I thought so. So what are some things to keep in mind when trying to keep your travel costs down? Glad you asked! I have 11 tips. You’re welcome.


Buses are bestest!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it once. Ok, maybe more than once but I’m going to say it again (you will deal): Buses are generally cheaper! I have a friend who lives in Houston and almost always travels by bus when she comes to Dallas because it doesn’t cost as much as flying. This is especially true for groups. Chartering through a company like Preferred Motorcoach Transportation *wink, wink* will save everyone in the party a lot on getting to their destination.


Look at how happy they are. Look at them!


Do what you can before hand.

Scar and the hyenas said it best, “Be prepared!” While this seems pretty obvious, you’d be surprised. Obviously, it is going to be a good idea to start saving up your spending money before you go. It’s also a good idea to look for online deals on some of the fun things you want to do and see while on your trip. Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer lots of deals on some fun stuff.



Don’t forget anything and prepare for EVERYTHING.

Again, I’m sure this seems self-explanatory. But again, you’d be surprised. Don’t forget something that you’ll end up having to buy when you get to where you’re going. And prepare for all kinds of weather anomalies to occur. When I went to New York with a friend last year, it rained the first day we were there. It continued to rain for a majority of our stay. And guess what? She forgot to bring an umbrella. So guess what happened? She had to buy one! I always travel with an umbrella, a jacket, and both open and closed toe shoes. Even in the summer. Because you never know.


Don’t be this guy. Poor thing.


Travel during off-peak times.

This is something my mom taught me a long time ago because, you know, moms know everything. Traveling during the week instead of on weekends tends to be cheaper. This includes hotel rooms, tickets for things, etc. If you do want to travel on the weekend, hotels that typically cater to weekday business travelers are usually a lot less expensive on weekends. More money in your pocket, boo. Make it rain.

make it rain 2


Sharing is Caring!

My friends and I did this once on a trip to New Orleans. This was a good idea for two reasons. 1) We got to sample more things by sharing, which is great in a food rich city like NOLA and 2) We spent less on our meals.This is also true for hotel and everything. Basically, the more people who share the cost, the less money you each pay. Because math.



Use public transportation. Or your feets.

Remember that NOLA trip I was talking about above? We call this trip our “Struggle Trip” because we each had less money than we thought we would. The reason is because we didn’t take into account that we’d have to pay to park the car for three days. THREE. DAYS. THREE! It was parked. Not moving. Not one time did we get into that car until it was time to go. Most big cities have great public transportation systems that are very user-friendly. Don’t count out walking. Walking is how you stumble upon those little gems that you might have missed otherwise. Don’t make the same mistake we did. We were so upset. Smh.



Talk to a human person.

I know this might seem archaic. Or even like a foreign concept all together. But when booking things like hotels, if you don’t see any good deals online, try calling and talking to a human. The optimist in me believes that humans are generally nice. And helpful. Speaking to a live human on the phone can save you a lot more than if you’d just booked online.



Give the local food & libation a chance.

Let me tell you something: those sketchy looking hole-in-the-wall spots are probably going to be better on your wallet than those tourist-trap spots. Most times, the food is a WHOLE lot better, too.


Don’t get caught up, y’all.


Swap lunch and dinner.

Fun fact: Americans tend to be the only people who save their largest meal of the day for the end of the day. Most everywhere else in the world reserves lunch for the largest meal. Doing this while on vacation can be a real money saver. Lunch is typically a cheaper meal than dinner. You can also take it a step further and do a late lunch. A late lunch during happy hour times when meals are cheaper AND free food is often included? Winning!



Stay in smaller, independent hotels.

Smaller, independent, boutique type hotels are usually cheaper than their larger chain hotel counterparts. I love these kinds of hotels because aside from their lower cost, they tend to have a lot of character and are a lot more charming. The hotel shouldn’t be where all of your money goes. Besides, you probably won’t be spending much time in there anyway. This is a hotel my friends and I stayed in New York last year. It was adorable! The best part was it was about $100 less per night than some of the larger hotels in the area.



Do not, under any circumstances, eat those hotel room snacks.

I know. I know that basket is just set up so pretty and what not. And you need a little midnight snack and they won’t notice that small bag of pretzels missing, right? Wrong. I used to work in a hotel. I worked in the food and beverage department and part of my job was stocking the mini bar and snack basket. Guess what? They know EXACTLY what is in that basket. And they will find out and charge you. If you want some snacks in your room, get them from a drug store. Your wallet will thank you.


Resist the urge. Those M&Ms probably cost $20.


So. Do you have any tips to save money on vacay while still being able to enjoy yourself? Let me know in the comments!



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Don’t leave here without trying… Episode 1: Houston, Texas

Hello good people! It looks like winter finally got the memo that she TOTALLY over stayed her doggone welcome so it’s definitely time to start planning those spring trips. As you probably all know, one of the best things about traveling is…FOOD! Whenever I go on vacation, one of the highlights for me is finding great restaurants to try. Now I tend to be a bit of a picky eater (understatement of the year), but that’s neither here nor there. I still enjoy great food. Recently, someone suggested a great idea to me. Periodically, I am going to pick a city in our great United States, poll my friends who have lived or traveled there, and compile my finds into a list of places that you shouldn’t leave said city without trying. It’s all very scientific. As always, because Preferred Motor Coach is so great, they can take you and your friends to any city!


First up… Houston, Texas!


The Breakfast Klub

Average price: $10-$30

This place is truly DE. LISH. I would recommend getting here early or going on a week day. On weekends and holidays, you will likely have to stand in line to get in, but the earlier you get there, the less time you spend waiting. They open at 7am on weekdays, 8am on weekends and they close at 2pm everyday. I am partial to their chicken and waffles (SO. GOOD.) but just about everything else on their menu comes highly recommended. The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly. Don’t forget to check out the awesome artwork that is hanging up, too!

Recommended: Chicken wings and waffle, catfish and grits, pork chops, French toast.





Backstreet Café

Average price: $20-$30

My friend Kyndal is a food connoisseur. She even has a food blog (one post happens to feature my mom’s taco soup). Long story short: when she speaks (especially about food), I listen. According to Kyndal, brunch is a must try. They have flavored mimosas that feature a different flavor daily and also a gluten-free menu for all the gluten-free peeps out there! The atmosphere is more upscale, so dress like you have some sense.

Recommended: Crab cake & eggs, lamb meatballs, gingerbread waffle, pecan-crusted chicken.





Gatlin’s Barbecue

Average price: $10-$15

Of course barbecue was going to be included here. Because TEXAS. I asked Kyndal what was good here and she said, “basically everything…” but the ribs are “especially good.” From what I can see, she’s probably right! Gatlin’s is laid back and very small, but they do offer patio seating, which is always nice! Be mindful that it can get crowded here, usually with a line outside. But stick it out…it is worth the wait!

Recommended: Ribs, brisket, dirty rice, baked beans, potato salad.





There you have it. So get your voyage to Houston planned, and put these places on your ‘must eat’ list! Also, I’m hungry now.



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5 Of The Most Beautiful Places in the World…Right in the US!

So. We are already half way through March. Now if someone would just inform the weather of this fact… But I digress.


From scouring the web, it looks like everyone hasn’t made it to Spring Break yet. Which means, you still have time to plan something epic!! Even if your Spring Break is over, you can still get a head start on your summer vacay plans! Now, many people often dream of trips to Europe so they can see the clear blue waters or the beautiful natural sites. That’s all fine and dandy but did you know that some of the most GORGEOUS sites EVER are right here in our own backyard? Oh you ain’t know? Let me show you! And the best part of all: Preferred Motorcoach Transportation can take you to each and every one of them!

Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This is the largest hot spring in the US and third largest in the WORLD. First discovered in 1841, it gets its name from its color and it’s color from pigmented bacteria. Don’t let that word scare you off. You can still walk up and take pics of the spring. But no swimming! The hot temperatures make it nearly impossible.


Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs, CO

This park is downright beautiful. It’s known for its rock formations (Three Graces, Gateway Rock, Tower of Babel). Free and open to the public, this park is perfect for the aspiring photographer in you!

GardenoftheGods2 GardenoftheGods

Gillette Castle

East Haddam, CT

This stunning castle was built by actor William Gillette, known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on the stage in the early 1900s. This castle has walking trails, a steam engine train, and the most unique door locks you’ve probably ever seen. The most interesting feature to me is the system of hidden mirrors Gillette installed so that he could watch his guests from his master bedroom. Not creepy at all…

 GiletteCastle2 GilletteCastle

Hamilton Pool

Travis County, Texas (just over 20 miles west of Austin)

This spectacular natural swimming hole was created when a dome over an underground river collapsed. Swimming is permitted off and on throughout the year but due to the rugged terrain, you should proceed with caution to get to the pool (some say guests are encouraged to wear hiking shoes).

HamiltonPool2 HamiltonPool

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen, NY

This. Place. Is. Gorgeous! It’s located in the Finger Lakes region of New York and is one of the most famous parks. The waterfalls, bridges and stone formations give it a very whimsical, fairy tale-like feel. Watkins Glen is open year round and has trails, pools, and camping grounds. Not to mention, IT’S STUNNING!

WatkinsGlenPark2 WatkinsGlenPark

Ok, so did you love these places? Any places you’ve been that you think should’ve made my list? Let me know in the comments!