5 Of The Most Beautiful Places in the World…Right in the US!

So. We are already half way through March. Now if someone would just inform the weather of this fact… But I digress.


From scouring the web, it looks like everyone hasn’t made it to Spring Break yet. Which means, you still have time to plan something epic!! Even if your Spring Break is over, you can still get a head start on your summer vacay plans! Now, many people often dream of trips to Europe so they can see the clear blue waters or the beautiful natural sites. That’s all fine and dandy but did you know that some of the most GORGEOUS sites EVER are right here in our own backyard? Oh you ain’t know? Let me show you! And the best part of all: Preferred Motorcoach Transportation can take you to each and every one of them!

Grand Prismatic Spring


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This is the largest hot spring in the US and third largest in the WORLD. First discovered in 1841, it gets its name from its color and it’s color from pigmented bacteria. Don’t let that word scare you off. You can still walk up and take pics of the spring. But no swimming! The hot temperatures make it nearly impossible.


Garden of the Gods


Colorado Springs, CO

This park is downright beautiful. It’s known for its rock formations (Three Graces, Gateway Rock, Tower of Babel). Free and open to the public, this park is perfect for the aspiring photographer in you!

GardenoftheGods2 GardenoftheGods

Gillette Castle


East Haddam, CT

This stunning castle was built by actor William Gillette, known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on the stage in the early 1900s. This castle has walking trails, a steam engine train, and the most unique door locks you’ve probably ever seen. The most interesting feature to me is the system of hidden mirrors Gillette installed so that he could watch his guests from his master bedroom. Not creepy at all…

 GiletteCastle2 GilletteCastle

Hamilton Pool


Travis County, Texas (just over 20 miles west of Austin)

This spectacular natural swimming hole was created when a dome over an underground river collapsed. Swimming is permitted off and on throughout the year but due to the rugged terrain, you should proceed with caution to get to the pool (some say guests are encouraged to wear hiking shoes).

HamiltonPool2 HamiltonPool

Watkins Glen


Watkins Glen, NY

This. Place. Is. Gorgeous! It’s located in the Finger Lakes region of New York and is one of the most famous parks. The waterfalls, bridges and stone formations give it a very whimsical, fairy tale-like feel. Watkins Glen is open year round and has trails, pools, and camping grounds. Not to mention, IT’S STUNNING!

WatkinsGlenPark2 WatkinsGlenPark

Ok, so did you love these places? Any places you’ve been that you think should’ve made my list? Let me know in the comments!

Charter Buses Are TheBomb.com. Here’s Why.

Wow. I can’t believe March is already here! The coming of March means longer sunny days, flowers, and the most important, SPRING BREAK! Am I right, or am I right? Right. Springtime is such a great time for getting a group together and traveling. And across the country this time of year, that’s exactly what’s happening. Folks are finally ready to shed those winter parkas in favor of swimsuits. So whether you’re heading to Austin, Padre, Miami, or LA, let me tell you why a charter bus would be your best bet.

1.      Safer than other road travel.

The drivers are trained to drive these long distances and because they aren’t in a rush or have to follow a set route, they can take their time. In other words, you’re in excellent hands!

2.      Cost effective for groups.

Trust me. It’s true. There’s a reason so many groups choose to use charter buses instead of air travel (including some of your favorite entertainers).

3.      Flexibility and convenience.

You set the schedule. You pick the destination. You’re in charge! Everyone arrives to the bus and leaves together, all stops are made together, and everyone arrives at the destination together and at the same time right at the front of your destination! That DEFINITELY beats a 10 car motorcade trying to all follow each other down the highway and risking someone getting lost. Because that’s a darn headache.

4.      No delays or cancellations.

You customize your trip, set the schedule, and all those good things. Your driver will make sure you get where you need to be!

5.      Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.

Foot rest. Only two people per row. Restroom on board. Big comfy seats. Large over head bins for all your junk you just had to bring with you. You get the picture.

6.      You don’t have to drive.

Read: No trying to stay awake, no speeding tickets, DUIs…

7.      Friendly drivers.

I have been on quite a few trips on charter buses. That being said, I have never met a bus driver that I didn’t like! They are some of the friendliest people ever and are incredible helpful. For real.

8.      Free time.

Since no one in the group is behind the wheel, you can get things done while on the road. You can have meetings, presentations, etc.

And lastly…

9.      YOU DON’T PAY BAGGAGE FEES! *Oprah voice*


     So, there you go. Can you think of anything else? Planning any awesome sauce trips for this spring? Let me know in the comments!


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