10 Very Cheap (Or Very Free) Things To Do In… Ausitn, TX

Let me say this: I love Austin, Texas. Like, a lot. As you know, Preferred Motorcoach Transportation is based in the Austin Metro area. Austin is one of those cities where I always have a great time! One of the things I love most about ATX, is that you don’t have to have Diddy’s bank account balance to enjoy it. There are lots of things to see and do in Austin for cheap or just downright free so I’m going to share some with you now. This is something I’m going to do periodically, and I figured it was only right to start in the Great State of Texas!


Congress Avenue Bats

Sounds weird, huh? Well it is. But in a good way! Basically, every year a bunch of bats congregate under the Congress Avenue bridge. They usually pop up around March. Apparently, they are mostly female and pregnant, so there’s that.  They usually give birth around this time (June-July) so the best time to see the Bat Flying Spectacular (that’s what I call it) is later in the summer, around August, when the little bat babies fly with their mamas. It’s pretty neat to see and it’s free so check it out. Also, be careful and don’t touch the bats. Because rabies.



Sixth Street

Bars. Lots of bars with no cover. Do I need to say anything else?

6th st


Harry Ransom Center

The center (museum, really) is located on the sprawling campus of The University of Texas. They have so many really cool things here. Check their website because they often have traveling exhibits that might be to your liking. Currently, they have an exhibition about WWI. Starting in September, they will feature an exhibit about the making of Gone With The Wind. One of the cool things about them, though, is their permanent pieces. The world’s first photograph is here as well as an authentic copy of a Gutenberg Bible. There is no admission fee but they do take donations. So break them off a little something when you visit.



Mount Bonnell

Despite the name, this is more like a very large hill. But whatever. Semantics. Anywho, the view!! To get to the top, you will need to climb a stone staircase, but it isn’t that bad. Once you’ve reached the summit, you will be very happy you climbed those stairs because that view of ATX is breathtaking. It’s perfect for photographers and iPhonographers alike! It is free, and also has some picnic tables and walking trails if you want to spend a little more time there.



The State Capitol Building

I mean, it’s the capitol building and it is beautiful! Go see it! You can tour it during business hours and it is free, but you might have to pay for parking.



Hamilton Pool Reserve

I’ve written about Hamilton before but it deserves a place on this list too! The cost is $15 per vehicle so get your people together and pool your money (see what I did there…) And again, be careful. There are no lifeguards on duty. You will have to guard your own life.

hamilton reserve


Barton Springs Pool

Speaking of pools, this isn’t an actual pool. At least not in the chlorine sense. Barton’s water source comes from the spring that shares its name. This place is perfect for year round swimming because the pool is naturally heated to 70 degrees on average all the time. And word on the street is Robert Redford learned to swim here. So that’s nice. Check the website for the pool’s hours. There are some times of day when they charge admission (about $4 max) and some times when they don’t; it varies. Also, it’s closed on Thursdays for maintenance so…don’t go on Thursday. Problem solved.



Free Concerts and Movies

Austin is famous for its entertainment, particularly its music scene. I’m about 99.864% sure that whenever you find yourself in the ATX, you will be able to find some free shows or movie screenings. Sites like 365 Things To Do In Austin have an entire section dedicated to free events. 365 is updated at least weekly so you can be up on the latest!

cinema east


Umlauf Sculpture Garden

USG was created to showcase the work of sculptor Charles Umlauf and it looks like it was plucked right out of a fairy tale! Unlike most museums, you can touch the pieces. They’re even coated with a wax to protect the bronze for the vision impaired or any one else who just can’t help themselves (people like me). Admission is cheap, just $5 to get in, and they’re closed Monday and Tuesday. So don’t go on Monday or Tuesday.



Cathedral of Junk

Just like a sculpture garden, but completely different, and located in a guy’s backyard. Literally, in his backyard.  Basically, he’s collected a bunch of, well, junk. He’s assembled it into quite the impressive structure. It’s now kinda famous in Austin and he lets people drop by to marvel at it. Honestly, it’s a sight to see. If you want to see it, all you have to do is call and make sure he’s home. Because he’s a regular guy and this is in his literal backyard.



Have you been to Austin? Anything you like to see or do there? Let me know!



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In Honor of Dads Everywhere

Happy Monday, y’all!

So yesterday was Father’s Day and it’s pretty clear that dads love to travel. When I was younger and my family would go on our family vacations, my dad was ALWAYS rocking his best dad vacation fashions. Always. I don’t know about you, but dad’s really know how to dress for vacation and make the most of their travel experience. So in honor of Father’s Day, I have scoured the interwebs and compiled a collection of 10 of the best photos of some dad’s doing dad things on vacation!






Dad pose!






I don’t even know what this hat is about.


Sir… just… No.


Clever dad… Clever.


Aaaand here’s another clever dad…


*stifles laughter*


And last but certainly not least: President Obama having a MAJOR ‘dad moment’…


Sandals. SANDALS.


Hope all the dads out there had a great Father’s Day!



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