Road Games for Roadtrips

I am probably one of the most impatient people I know. While I’m not that obnoxious about it, I hate waiting. When I’m to arrive somewhere, I usually arrive as close to right on time as possible so that I won’t have to wait long. As you can probably imagine, this lack of patience is really fun when it’s time for me to travel somewhere. For instance, before I get on the road, I will make a playlist that is timed perfectly to the length of my trip. In my head, this will make me feel like the time is passing quickly because I’m so into what is coming through my headphones. The reality is that I also have a short attention span so I tire of the music rather quickly as well. I’ve learned that for people like me (children or adults with a child-size attention span), games really come in handy. I mean, excuse the cliché, but time really does fly when you’re having fun. Here are some fun games to play to pass the time on that trip that feels like you’ll never get to your destination.

The Wikipedia Game

This game requires the players to have a cell phone or tablet with Internet. I’ve played this before with my sister and mom at home from actual computers but it works perfectly for the car or bus as well. As you may know Wikipedia pages are filled with links to other pages. The person not playing (the driver or another designated person) chooses two unrelated people or things that have Wikipedia pages. Pick one to start on (everyone starts on the same page) and the object is to end up on the other Wikipedia page only using the links in the pages you end up on. You can’t go ‘BACK’ in the browser. The first person to make it to the other designated page wins.

20 Questions?

This game has been around for a long time and for good reason. It’s fun, duh. This is especially good for groups on chartered bus trips as it’s easy to get everyone involved. One player picks a random person, place or thing. Some variations do animal, vegetable, or mineral. Archaic, I know. Anyway, the other players have the opportunity to ask 20 yes or no questions (Does it make people dance?) to figure out what the item is.

The Picnic Game

I’ve played this game lots of times. It never gets old and works with either small groups or larger ones. One player starts and says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” and chooses something (preferably a food item, as this is a picnic) that starts with the letter A. The next person chooses a food that begins with the letter B and so on. If you use the wrong letter or take too long to pick something you’re out. To make it a bit harder, there’s another variation where before a player says what they’re bringing to the picnic, they must also state what everyone else is bringing as well. For people like me with not so great memories, that version is not fun.

What’s Happening In That Car?

This is one of the best games to play on a trip. The things people come up with are awesome. Basically, you pick a car that you’re passing on the highway. Then everyone works together to decide the story of the people in the car. Are they on the run from the cops? Are they super spies? It can be anything. Usually, the more outrageous the story, the funnier it ends up being. This is a game that I thought I made up once on a trip from Dallas to Austin because I’m super creative and had a lot of time on my hands. Turns out people play this all the time. Whatever.

What are some games you play on the road? Let us know!


10 Songs For Your Trip’s Playlist

Welcome to 2014!

It’s the first Monday of the new year and I’m sure everyone has their resolutions ready and inevitably, many will resolve to travel more in 2014. This is such a great goal. So, after you gather all your peeps, rent your charter bus J, and pick your destination, you’ll need one more thing to complete your trip: your travel playlist. Mine changes with each trip and yours probably will too because our tastes change, our moods change, our minds change. One minute we’re jamming some Journey and we can’t stop believin’ then the next thing we know we’re turning up and hollering “Tru!” with 2 Chainz. Music is essential for me to travel anywhere, just as important as my ticket, toiletries, and unmentionables. I will spend about an hour compiling a playlist on my iPod for my travels. I personally don’t love long trips (even the 2.5 hour trip from Dallas to Austin drags for me sometimes) so music is also great to make the time seem to pass faster.

Whether you need some suggestions on where to start when making your playlist or you’d just like some suggestions for new playlist material, here are 10 songs that I love to take with me when traveling. It’s pretty eclectic so hopefully there’s something for everybody.

Jay Z and Kanye West – ‘N***** In Parris’ [explicit lyrics]

This song is perfect for traveling. It just makes you feel hype and excited. And this is pretty much across the board. Trust me, I’ve seen it performed live.

Trae ft. Pimp C and Hawk – ‘Swang’

This happens to be my favorite song. A Michael Jackson sample. That signature Houston, TX feel. Three Lone Star State hip hop all-stars. It’s everything.

Madonna – ‘Holiday’

I love this song and it is especially great for traveling. It feels like fun! Plus, it’s Madonna. You can’t go wrong with Madge.


Cameo – ‘Candy’

You know that feeling when you wake up extra early the morning you’re leaving for a trip with your girls (or your boys) and everyone’s all hype and excited even though the sun hasn’t even hit snooze on it’s alarm clock yet? That’s how this song feels.


Mariah Carey – ‘Always Be My Baby’

One of the best car/bus trip sing-a-long songs ever. EVER.


UGK ft. Outkast – ‘International Player’s Anthem (I Choose You)

Andre 3000. Pimp C. Bun B. Big Boi. The end.

Tears For Fears – ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’

Songs from the 80s make some of THE BEST travel songs. You and your friends won’t be able to resist singing and dancing along. Make sure the video is ready because it’ll make for some great clips.


Beyoncé – ‘Party’ (One version features Andre 3000 and one features J Cole. I’m here for both of them)

Of course it’s perfect for traveling. It’s by Bey and it’s called ‘Party’! What more do you need?


Kendrick Lamar ft. Young Jeezy – ‘Westside, Right On Time’ [explicit lyrics]

The West coast vibe on this song is so real. Fun, sun, and friends!


*NSYNC – ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’

My little early 2000s heart couldn’t leave *NSYNC off this list. When it comes on, all of your friends will do the dance. Again, have the video ready. This song makes me feel 13 again…in a good way.

So what did you think? Did I miss any? What are some jams you can’t travel without? And leave us some comments!


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